Best rail road museum in America


The United States of America is a country with rich history. It celebrates its past with its museums. Amongst the popular ones is the Museum of the American Railroad. It was recently voted as the Best Railroad Museum in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona and Louisiana.

Best rail road museum in America – Museum of the American Railroad

It was way back in 1961 when the founders of the museum felt strongly about the end of an era with the steam powered passenger trains being withdrawn. They set out to save the available equipment. Some of the exhibits were donated by the railroads after they had retired. Some others were brought in from scrap lines. Today they are symbols of American heritage. The aim of this museum in Frisco, Texas is to be reckoned as the premiere centre for rail history plus technology. They want to and already are a destination for visitors from world over. , This cultural resource successfully tells the story of the railroad and how it impacted the American life.

Museum of the American Railroad comes under the 501 (c)(3) and is a not-for-profit Texas corporation. Amongst the must see in the museum are the Pullman Sleeping Cars. There are 10 of them actually all manufactured by the Pullman Company. 4 of these are “heavyweight” sleeping cars. Then there is the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4903 as the name suggests the Pennsylvania Railroad designed and built it. This could pull 12 to 14 car passenger trains. Santa Fe “Doodlebug” M.160 from the Brill Motorcar Company was redone in 1948 and then again in 1952. It has a diesel engine. Union Pacific “Centennial” 6913 was the progression from the steam to the horsepower diesel.

National_MuseumEvery year numerous visitors throng US for its rich cultural and historic heritage. Rail lovers and historians can plan trips to the country’s museums. People from overseas need a valid and legal tourist visa to holiday in US. This rule doesn’t apply for visitors who are citizens of certain selected countries. These nations are listed under the Visa Waiver Program. They can simply apply for an get ESTA visa before traveling either by air or sea.

The Museum has its own Museum Store which is now a part of the eBay Giving Works. People choose from the keepsakes and gifts on offer here. This helps in the operations and education of the museum. The Museum offers Birthday Party packages for its visitors. It can be contacted for further details of the arrangements. Walking tours are a must try here. The pleasant and polite staff here is knowledgeable too. They conduct informative and entertaining tours of the museum with insights into the history and technicality of the exhibits.

Fun filled keep happening at the museum. One of the popular events is the chugging of Thomas the Tank Engine. The entertainment continues with petting zoo, magic shows, live music etc. In addition the life-sized engine takes you for a ride. Get a photo clicked for keepsakes.


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