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Ireland: Where should you visit?


Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and should definitely be on most people’s “places to see” lists. Whether you want to check out Dublin’s fine history and enjoy a pint of Guinness or simply watch your favourite horses in live action after placing a bet… there are plenty of things to do across the country. We take a look at some of Ireland’s standout attractions and give our thoughts on what you should enjoy during your time in the country.

Trinity College, Dublin

One of Dublin’s finest establishments, Trinity College stands tall and dominates the city’s older quarter. It is the oldest university in the country and one of just seven ‘ancient’ universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. As of 2014, over 17,000 students attended the establishment and it is still a huge reason as to why so many youngsters are attracted to the city.

On the guided tour of the university, you are able to get an up-close look at some of the world’s oldest and finest manuscripts, including the Book of Kells. If this isn’t your thing, you can simply take a stroll through the grounds and admire the thrilling vibe and beautiful scenery. With so much greenery, you could be forgiven for forgetting that this magnificent structure is actually based in a city. It is definitely worth a trip!

Punchestown Festival

If you live, breathe and sleep horse racing, this is the place to be. The Punchestown Festival is one of the standout events on the horse racing calendar and thousands of visitors travel to Ireland’s favourite racecourse to witness some of the best horses on the planet compete against each other.

At the Punchestwon festival itself, there are plenty of activities to keep the horse racing novice entertained and they also pride themselves on their ability to accommodate younger members at the racecourse. There is something for everybody and it truly is a fun few days for all the family.

Kilmainham GaolKilmainham Gaol

An absolute must visit if you enjoy your history, heritage and culture. Kilaminham Gaol has been standing since the eighteenth century and has been home to many of the country’s most dangerous criminals, including the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. In fact, the gaol itself has hosted plenty of executions over the years and visitors are able to truly experience the horror that occurred between the gaol’s four walls.

For fans of the BBC television show Ripper Street, the gaol was used throughout the first series – which aired in 2012. Nowadays, the gaol is a museum and attracts plenty of tourists on a daily basis. It is now one of the largest unoccupied gaols in Europe and has been described as the “Irish Bastille” in recent times. It’s certainly worth a trip if you’re in the local area.



Best rail road museum in America


The United States of America is a country with rich history. It celebrates its past with its museums. Amongst the popular ones is the Museum of the American Railroad. It was recently voted as the Best Railroad Museum in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona and Louisiana.

Best rail road museum in America – Museum of the American Railroad

It was way back in 1961 when the founders of the museum felt strongly about the end of an era with the steam powered passenger trains being withdrawn. They set out to save the available equipment. Some of the exhibits were donated by the railroads after they had retired. Some others were brought in from scrap lines. Today they are symbols of American heritage. The aim of this museum in Frisco, Texas is to be reckoned as the premiere centre for rail history plus technology. They want to and already are a destination for visitors from world over. , This cultural resource successfully tells the story of the railroad and how it impacted the American life.

Museum of the American Railroad comes under the 501 (c)(3) and is a not-for-profit Texas corporation. Amongst the must see in the museum are the Pullman Sleeping Cars. There are 10 of them actually all manufactured by the Pullman Company. 4 of these are “heavyweight” sleeping cars. Then there is the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4903 as the name suggests the Pennsylvania Railroad designed and built it. This could pull 12 to 14 car passenger trains. Santa Fe “Doodlebug” M.160 from the Brill Motorcar Company was redone in 1948 and then again in 1952. It has a diesel engine. Union Pacific “Centennial” 6913 was the progression from the steam to the horsepower diesel.

National_MuseumEvery year numerous visitors throng US for its rich cultural and historic heritage. Rail lovers and historians can plan trips to the country’s museums. People from overseas need a valid and legal tourist visa to holiday in US. This rule doesn’t apply for visitors who are citizens of certain selected countries. These nations are listed under the Visa Waiver Program. They can simply apply for an get ESTA visa before traveling either by air or sea.

The Museum has its own Museum Store which is now a part of the eBay Giving Works. People choose from the keepsakes and gifts on offer here. This helps in the operations and education of the museum. The Museum offers Birthday Party packages for its visitors. It can be contacted for further details of the arrangements. Walking tours are a must try here. The pleasant and polite staff here is knowledgeable too. They conduct informative and entertaining tours of the museum with insights into the history and technicality of the exhibits.

Fun filled keep happening at the museum. One of the popular events is the chugging of Thomas the Tank Engine. The entertainment continues with petting zoo, magic shows, live music etc. In addition the life-sized engine takes you for a ride. Get a photo clicked for keepsakes.


Visiting Dublin

dublin Guinness

In pursuit of a city where we could enjoy the best natural features on a budget, Dublin was the first place that my family settled on. Identified as the best city to combine outdoor adventure and urban pleasures, Dublin is also renowned for its warm welcome, vibrant nightlife, unique culture and extraordinary fashion and shopping experiences.

Explore the two sides of the same city

The city is distinctly divided into two separate parts by River Liffey. It is such an attractive natural addition to the concrete jungle, introducing some unique life species, modern infrastructure and a chance to stroll by the shows of a city river as though you were walking through an urban beach.

A night of theater and entertainment

It was a great chance for us to soak some culture, owing to the fact that Dublin boasts of grand venues and independent gems carrying a theatrical experience that will overshadow any unique culture. We had an opportunity to peep into The Smoke Alley Theater, built in 1662 but still remains unique. This theater offers great music, mystic dances and rib-cracking comedy.

DublinWe got a modern touch after moving down the city, a trip that landed us in The Board Gais Energy Theater. It is located in the Cosmopolitan Grand Canal, a place where my family was treated to a pre-show dinner in one of the restaurants that magnificently grace the small square.


To the south bank of the Tolka, we visited the National Botanic Gardens, a 19.5 hectares stretch of land which carries an arboretum, a sensory garden as well as a rock garden. Other features include extensive herbaceous borders, a large pond and an annual display of decorative plants which we coincidentally enjoyed too.

Dublin City Gallery- The Hugh Lane is strategically located at the center of the city. It houses Ireland’s collections of contemporary art, not forgetting the original collection that was donated by the founder of this gallery back in 1908. The pieces of artwork here include impressionist masterpieces from Manet, Monet and Degas.

Trinity CollegeThe scientific gallery at Trinity College is a venue where contemporary white-hot scientific issues are collected. This is the place where ideas collide as opinions meet, and it has something new almost always because unlike most galleries, this has no permanent collection.

I was particularly impressed by the National Gallery of Ireland, which has over 2500 paintings and 10, 000 works in various forms of media including sculpture, watercolors and paintings.

Dining and music

Dublin has been identified as a food paradise for quite some time, perhaps because of the Irish delicacies that have taken root here. Located on St. Stephens Green for instance, the wonderful Hatch and Sons will serve you with the most celebrated Irish classics.

In the Pig’s Ear restaurant, we had a chance to sample the top quality Irish foods while overlooking the picturesque landmarks of the Trinity College. For music fans, you can either choose to bask on the streets for the open music sessions or head to the bars and clubs for a more personal experience. The Bernard Shaw for instance, Located to the Southern side of the city, offers the best music nights and is creatively designed with sufficient space.

In general, Dublin is one of the most versatile cities in the world. In the whirl of the high life, you never sleep until you see the sun for yet another day.